Mathematics with Maple

This course no longer exists, but I have left the material here in the hope that it may be useful.
Week 1
Lecture: Introduction (screen, print)
Maple demonstration (mws)
Tutorial: A warm-up solutions
Lab: Getting started solutions
Week 2
Lecture: Solving equations (screen, print)
Solving equations (mws)
Tutorial: Solving equations by hand solutions
Lab: Solving equations by Maple solutions
Week 3
Lecture: Special functions 1 (screen, print)
Tutorial: Special functions 1 solutions
Lab: Plotting 1 solutions
Week 4
Lecture: Special functions 2 (screen, print)
Tutorial: Special functions 2 solutions
Lab: Plotting 2 solutions
Week 5
Lecture: Differentiation 1 (screen, print)
Tutorial: Differentiation 1 solutions
Lab: Differentiation 1 solutions
Week 6
Lecture: Differentiation 2 (screen, print)
Tutorial: Differentiation 2 solutions
Lab: Differentiation 2 solutions
Week 7 Reading Week
Week 8
Lecture: Integration 2 (screen, print)
Tutorial: Integration 2 solutions
Lab: More integration solutions
Week 9
Lecture: Integration 3 (screen, print)
Tutorial: Integration 3 solutions
Lab: Revision solutions
Week 10
Lecture: Taylor series (screen, print)
Tutorial: Taylor series solutions
Lab: Taylor series solutions
Week 11
Lecture: Revision (screen, print)
Tutorial: Revision solutions
Lab: Various problems solutions
Week 12
Lecture: (screen, print)
Tutorial: solutions
Lab: solutions