Mathematics IV (Electrical) MAS243
Lecture slides

The links below point to printable versions of the lecture slides. I do not especially recommend that you use them, the notes are generally a better option. However, they are provided for people who may want them. Some of the more complicated slides will not come out properly; this is unavoidable.

Week   Lectures
1 Introduction, partial derivatives, optimisation Mon Wed
2 Classifying critical points, Lagrange multipliers Mon Wed
3 Plane integrals Mon Wed
4 Polar integrals, three-dimensional integrals Mon Wed
5 Cylindrical and spherical coordinates Mon Wed
6 Vector algebra, geometry of vector fields Mon Wed
7 Vector calculus, potential functions Mon Wed
8 Vector calculus in polar coordinates, curves Mon Wed
9 Planar divergence theorem and Green's theorem; surfaces Mon Wed
10 Surface integrals and the divergence theorem Mon Wed