MAS435 Algebraic Topology
Lecturer: Neil Strickland

Module information

The syllabus, timetable and assessment arrangements are here. There is no course material on MOLE/Blackboard; everything is linked from this page instead.

Lectures will be on Mondays at 9 in Lecture Theatre B, and Tuesdays at 1 in Room F24.


There will be a final exam, counting for 80% of the grade. The remaining 20% will be based on Monday quizzes and weekly homeworks. In each semester there will be 8 quizzes and 8 homeworks, and your best 5 of each will be counted. There are 4 marks for each quiz and 10 for each homework. The quizzes will take only a few minutes and will typically test your understanding of a recent definition or theorem.


There is a set of lecture notes covering the full year.

Interactive demonstrations

There are a number of interactive demonstrations which illustrate various points in the course. More will be added as the course progresses. There are also direct links to these demonstrations in the lecture notes and solutions to the problem sheets.

Weekly problems and solutions

These will appear here as the course progresses.
Sheet 1 Due in Monday lecture of Week 3 Problems Solutions
Sheet 2 Due in Monday lecture of Week 4 Problems Solutions
Sheet 3 Due in Monday lecture of Week 5 Problems Solutions
Sheet 4 Due in Monday lecture of Week 6 Problems Solutions
Sheet 5 Due in Monday lecture of Week 8 Problems Solutions
Sheet 6 Due in Monday lecture of Week 9 Problems Solutions
Sheet 7 Due in Monday lecture of Week 10 Problems Solutions
Sheet 8 Due by the end of of Week 11 Problems
You can either hand work in in the Monday lecture, or put it under my office door, or scan it and send it to me by email. The deadline is 5pm on Monday. If you want to use your phone as a scanner, please use CamScanner or a similar app rather than just taking photos.

Monday quizzes

There is a single file with the question and solutions for all quizzes that have happened so far.

Past exam papers

2018-19 Exam Solutions
2017-18 Exam Solutions
2016-17 Exam Solutions
2015-16 Exam Solutions
2014-15 Exam Solutions

Contact details

Neil Strickland
Hicks Building, Room J26
0114 2223852